Sunday, September 16, 2018

And Closer Still...

A busy day today... I sorted out a bunch of stuff and got that much closer to being on the road.

First off, I installed my new Maniflow Sebring exhaust system.  It's nice.  It has a throaty sound that's deep but not too loud, and it has twin tips that look really cool.  It also doesn't leak like the original.  It took a bit of modification to the middle mount, but it fits beautifully.


After that, I installed an axle stabilizer from SpridgetMania.  It adds a third member to make a triangle, to keep the rear axle from shifting under cornering.  It also helped me bring the axle closer to center.  It's still off but I think it's close enough and won't shift around.

Then, I finished bracing the dashboard to keep it from making noise (and keep the steering cowl from squeaking against the dash).

I took a bit of time to bolt up the high beam switch.

Next, I fixed up the driver's side door by installing the felt strip and fixing the bracket that holds the bottom of the quarter vent.  Neither job was fun.  I sacrificed a bit of me in the process.  I hope she doesn't become possessed, like Christine...

I then re-centered the butterfly on the rear carburettor to cure my high idle.  Now I can drop the idle down to 600rpm (which is too low) and I set it at about 1000 rpm.  I also installed the air cleaners, which took a bit of modification to the filters to get them to fit.  She revs smoothly and immediately off idle and runs just wonderfully.

Finally, I installed the trim pads on the doors.  That was another epic battle that I am glad is over.  But they fit and look great.  They're soft too.

Oh, and I installed the radio antenna. :)

Next up:

  • Finish fitting the bumper mounts
  • Fix the turn signals (EDIT: Fixed!)
  • Install the hood liner and fit the hood to the car
  • Install the interior carpet and panels
  • Re-fit the passenger's fender (it sticks out in one spot and I don't like it)
  • Install the headlight relays
  • Adjust the valve lash
  • Grease the front suspension
  • Try to fix that damn leak from the steering rack
  • Clean and finish cutting and buffing the fenders, then wax the whole car
  • Fit the remaining cockpit surrounds, chrome trim and the spoiler
  • Fit the bumpers
  • Attach the VIN plate
And I am done enough to put a license plate on it and drive.

About the plate: I went to the DMV to get registered, and there is an error in the title.  The title's VIN doesn't match the car; it's off by one letter.  This was their screwup, but my problem.  So now I have to get it inspected, which means the car has to be together enough to drive with a 3-day temporary.  I can get the plate after the inspection.

I am almost done, but I'm also almost out of time to get to the car show on November 4th.  I better hustle.

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