Monday, September 3, 2018

Please Take Your Seats

Not much work this weekend (it was Labor Day, after all), but I did spend an hour or two finishing up the seats.

Here's the finished product:

Here's what I started with:

They were pretty bad underneath:

Here's the links to the teardown and cleanup if you're interested:

Seats I
Seats II
Seats III

From there, I cleaned up the original seat foams (with a repair to one) and made new inserts that go under them to bolster the bottom cushion.  I also added the proper layers of batting and cushioning (maybe not in the original material, but good enough).


Then I glued the center pieces to the cushions, and installed them.  Nothing fancy.  It didn't take that long, and they fit nicely.  They are quite comfortable and supportive.

Now I just need to install the rails, add the spacer (a 3/8" piece of wood) and bolt them in after I install the insulation and carpet.

This was the last major parts assembly item.  Now I "just" have to put everything in the car.

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