Monday, September 17, 2018

Winky Winky I Got Blinkies

I got my turn indicators working last night.


I'll be honest... I'm not exactly sure how I "fixed" them.  I had some crossed wires, but uncrossing them didn't make it better.  I hooked up an old switch, which behaved the same way until I accidentally shorted a contact... and the indicators started working.  They work with the new switch, too.  It's not cool that I can't definitively identify the fix.  I think there was a grounding problem, but that's not a good enough answer for me.

Well, I'm going with them working until they don't.  I do have to fix the driver's front indicator as the bulb doesn't always make proper contact with the base.

I also got my high beam indicator working...

So as of now, all of the electrical systems work as they're supposed to.  This is rare for a Lucas electrical system.

Fingers crossed!

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