Tuesday, May 10, 2016

I'm Wired Up

I didn't really do much on the Midget this past weekend (just a little cleanup of the gaps between the firewall and front wings), so I don't have pictures of the car to share.  But I did get something that I've been trying to source for a very long time...  a new wiring harness.  I have the original, but it's in tatters and I've patched it a number of times, so it had to go.

Here it is!

I ordered the harness and pretty much all the other wiring I need from British Wiring.  I didn't order the pigtails for the headlamps because they looked pretty good as-is, but they're not that expensive if I need them.  Other than that, this is all the wiring for the entire car.  Isn't that cool?  No computers to be seen anywhere, and the entire diagram fits on one letter size sheet of paper.

Josh at British Wiring was awesome.  He worked patiently for months to get the harness built (he had the PVC wrapped one in stock, but I wanted the braided version which was out-of-stock for a long time).  It's from England, color coded to the original spec with up-to-date materials and (in some cases) newer style lights.  He included all the connectors, the lights I need, and even a wiring diagram, which saves me a big hassle.

Now I get to put this in the ever growing pile of Stuff To Put On The Car when the body's painted.  The two big items remaining are carpet and panels (or as they say in the UK, "door cards").  I think I can make the panels myself and do a good job, so I'll have to save my shekels for the carpet since I'm pretty much out of cash except for materials and the occasional (cheap) gotta-have-it bits on eBay.

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