Sunday, May 1, 2016

Weekend of Car Fun, Part 2

Oh my God.  I'm sooooo tired.  I put in 14 hours this weekend.  But... I'm also done.  DONE, I tell you, DONE!

I finished all the filler work, at least for now.  I'm sure that as I sand the car again, I'll find a bunch of spots that need attention.

But check it out!


I took a walk around video too.

After all of that, I cleaned.

My garage is now clean.  Everything's put away and ready for me to mess it all up again.  I think I deserve a break, so I'll focus on removing the transmission and starter from the old engine and begin cleaning things up.  I doubt I'll get another nice weekend like this one.  Maybe my dad can help me sand some more if he's up for it when my parents visit in a couple of weeks.

But wow.  I'm actually done.  With this round, at least.

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