Sunday, May 29, 2016

Transmission Takedown, Part 3

Now that the transmission proper is apart, it's time to tackle some cleaning and the remote housing.  But first, the transmission mount.  I think I know why the gearshift was vibrating--the center mount was separated and basically a rubbery, gooey mass.  I can see where the mount got bent when it let go.

After a little quality time in the blasting cabinet and a visit from Big Hammer and his friend Mr. Punch, things look much nicer.  I'll prime and paint the mount before reinstalling the rubber bits.  Boy, I love having that cabinet.

Next, the case.  You won't believe it, but I got the case in the blasting cabinet. I cleaned every mating surface I could reach.  Then, because it was full of oily sand, it got degreased twice and scrubbed, then run through with an engine oil gallery brush, then washed in brake cleaner, and now you can eat off it.  It would be a small meal, though.


I left the patina on the outside since there's a little factory overspray still visible.  That's how they came, apparently.  But all the gunk is gone, gone, gone.  It's ready for reassembly.

I got started on the bottom part of the remote control housing and got it apart, but not cleaned.  There are very few parts here--the speedo drive and the shaft and arm that controls the selector fork rods, and the rear oil seal.  I now know why I always had a little leak out the back (and that isn't a personal problem, no matter what you may have heard)--the oil seal was as hard as a rock.  It needs replacing.  But I'm keeping it, because you never throw anything away until its replacement is fitted.  I heard that from a really wise man once.


Last, but certainly not least, is the upper housing that connects the shift lever to the arm that moves the selector fork rods that move the selector forks that engage the synchros that smoothly connect two gears together and make the engine drive the rear axle.  And that's how you do the skeleton dance.

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