Thursday, October 20, 2016

Ashley Hinton

While browsing through the eBay, I found a seller that I knew from Victoria British--Ashley Hinton.  I have a bunch of their body panels (which you've seen me painstakingly install), and I was surprised to see that they had their own eBay store.  So I checked them out.

Way cool!  They're making more than just body panels.  They are 3D-printing reproductions of original parts!  They have most of the tooling to produce all the heater parts and a bunch more.  So I bought some stuff.  I'm sure I'll buy more.

From top left:

  • Window stops (impossible to find until now!  I figured I'd have to make mine.)
  • Strap for heater inlet tube
  • Demister (defroster) elbows
  • Heater control knob
  • Battery tiedown
And the big tube is the heater inlet tube, the correct part (versus the dryer hose I used before).

I'm a happy guy.

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