Sunday, October 9, 2016

Shelf Space

Apparently, the parts pile in the living room has gotten a little out of hand.  And by that, I think I mean "way out of hand".

So I moved what I could to a shelf in the garage that I've had for years in the attic.  I think it will be fine since the weather is finally cooling down; my concern was that things would get ruined if stored in the 140-plus-degree attic over the summer.  But theoretically, this won't be a problem by next summer.

I do still have a few things in the house, like the windscreen (because it's fragile), the transmission (because it's cool! and I have no place to put it in the garage!) and some smaller boxes I'm still sorting out / working on.

I guess I found and exceeded the limits of tolerance for in-house car part storage, so I'll try to be better from now on.  You gotta admit, though, that was one heck of a pile.  It means I'm making real progress.  All that's really left is the steering rack, quarter windows and trim, and some smaller miscellaneous stuff.  Hopefully, after the rear axle and carburetors and that stuff, it will be cool enough to work on the body (and then, maybe paint!).

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