Sunday, October 30, 2016

Gauge Theory

I didn't get much time in on the Midget this weekend, because a) I'm waiting for parts and b) I did a lot of car cleaning.  But I do try to do a little something each week, so this week it was the gauges.  I say 'theory' because their actual operation is mostly theoretical at this point.

I took Speedostein (the speedometer I built from the guts of a newer one that works with my 3.9 ratio differential) and put it together in the best case I had.  It looks pretty good.  It works, too... though I don't know how accurate it will be until I actually get to use it.

The mileage is correct, too.

I then put the new heater knob on the unobtanium-made heater control.  Here's the original and the new one from Ashley Hinton.  There is an 'H' on the original knob, if you look closely.

Then I cleaned up the rest.

From top right: speedometer, heater/fan control, headlight switch, wiper switch, dash switch, (center: fuel gauge, oil filter warning light), flasher unit, oil pressure/water temperature gauge, and tachometer.

That's the whole shebang.  Other than the floor high beam switch and the turn indicator control, it's all in this picture.

The oil filter warning light won't be used for that purpose because the spin-on oil filter is sufficiently advanced technology to not need it.  But it would make a great alarm system warning light... I like that.

Then I packed it all away.  Now I'm back to waiting.  I did find some chrome bits... maybe I'll polish them while I wait.

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