Monday, October 24, 2016

Shiny Carbs

I spent most of the weekend cleaning up our Saturn Vue for sale.  (Who do you know, wants to buy a car?)  Anyhow, since I'm stalled waiting for parts I am doing what little I can, which is cleaning what I have.

I bought a gallon can of parts cleaner and dipped all the carburetor parts to get rid of the gunk.  It worked well, so I'll be ready to assemble when I get stuff to assemble with.  However, one thing that deserves to be a bit shinier is the carb dashpot.  (OK, two things.)  They aren't supposed to be polished like a chrome finish, but a nice gleam does show things off well.  So I got out the polishing compound and then metal polish.

Here's the result.  Before, and after... (Well, after, and before...)

And All Done.  Like I said, shiny, but not too shiny.

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