Sunday, October 9, 2016

Rear Axle II

I got the icky cleanup part over with.  And it was icky.

I also rebuilt the hubs.  That was interesting.  The seal sits behind the bearing to keep the oil in the hub (and the axle tube).  There is a gasket on the front where the axle shaft seats, and the bearing is lubricated by oil that runs in from a hole in the axle tube housing between the bearing and the oil seal.  It's not what I call 'effective', because it appears both seals were bad and I need at least one new bearing.  There is a hitch in the passenger's side bearing as I spin it that means it's toast.  The bearings have only 15k miles on them or so, and I'm disappointed (and broke, car-wise).

Anyhow, here's what I did.  I pressed out the bearing (again, homemade press with a 1 5/16" socket and two smaller sockets in the vise):

I then cleaned the hub.  The new seal is also pictured.

I pressed the new seal into the hub by hand.  It really wasn't hard (with a little gear oil to help).  If it's hard to push in, I think you're doing it wrong.  The open end faces inward because the seal is sealing the hub.  The old seals were worn out after 15k miles.  Again, not impressed.


Double result!

It's a shame I have to replace the bearing.  I'll end up replacing both because that would make sense.  Ah well, it might have to wait.

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