Monday, September 26, 2016


I fixed up the distributor by epoxying in a reinforcement around the body where it clamps to the housing.  It's not really doing much more than preventing the aluminum from compressing so the clamp can clamp it properly.

The rest of the distributor is fine, including the vacuum advance unit.  I also made a replacement fitting to hold the electronic ignition's optical sensor, and it fits properly under the cap.  So I think it's all set to go.

I decided the best place to keep it, and the generator, was on the engine.  I wanted to make sure everything lined up properly and that I had the right parts to install it.  So I did.

That belt is old and I'm just using it to fit everything.  But it all lines up!  The static timing is even set properly.  I still don't really understand how to handle the mechanical/vacuum advance; the weights move and are marked "17", so I'm assuming that's 17 degrees of mechanical advance.  I don't know what I need for this engine, but it's probably more.

I need to buy a couple of thin spacers and some slightly longer bolts to mount the fan, as it doesn't quite work with the pulley I am using.  But it only needs about 1/4" of a standoff to clear the oil strainer from the PCV valve (that canister to the right of the pulley).

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