Saturday, September 17, 2016

Front End IV: The Voyage Home

I finished cleaning and painting the passenger's front axle assembly, and put everything together.

(If you get the reference in the title, you're awesome.)

Everything's fully tightened and greased, and the bearings are repacked.  The hubs spin oh so smoothly.  I can't wait to put wheels on them.

I had a little adventure getting the tolerances for the driver's side axle right.  The swivel axle has to fit on the kingpin such that when the trunnion nut (the one on the top) is tightened fully down, the axle turns with just a bit of resistance.  In my case, the trunnion appears to be worn about 0.02", and so there was some up-and-down movement.  I bought some shims for the trunnion and made my own shim to fit under the thrust washer, and now everything's just right.  

With this, all the front end components have been renovated.  I have a sway bar (you know, an anti-roll bar) that I bought years ago which I'll clean up, but that doesn't count for this... I finished something!

On to a new crate of stuff...

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