Sunday, September 4, 2016

Front End, Part 2

Having emptied one crate, I figured it was time to empty the other one.

First, I bought some paint and finished off the A arms and spring carriers.  They're not perfect, but they're clean and straight.

I also painted the rear dampers and the other front damper:


I have a problem, though.  I figured out where the fluid in the other damper went.  It is leaking out the plug in the reservoir at the top of the damper.  I have no idea how I could fix that--but it has to be fixed.

EDIT: Apple Hydraulics came through with a replacement cover plate for $15, which ought to do the trick.  Better than $125 to replace the whole damper. :)

While I chew on that, I started cleaning up the front axle assemblies.  They are actually in decent shape, but pretty grungy.

Here's where I started:

Here's a closeup of the passenger's side assembly.

Nasty looking.  But, it's totally shipshape mechanically.  The bearings are good (I installed roller bearings before I deconstructed the car, which make a big difference in longevity).  The brake discs are fine.  The kingpin is fine with no play in the stub axle bushings.  The grease seal is good.  So all I'm going to do is take these apart, clean them up, and paint them.

Here we go:


Some paint and a box later, and it's basically ready to be reassembled.  (The rear plate is still drying, so it's not in the box.)  I have to buy a couple of things like O-rings and locating pins, but otherwise, I'm set. 

Next time, I'll (hopefully) finish the driver's side assembly.

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