Sunday, September 18, 2016

Switches and Things

I grabbed a random box out of the crate I'm working my way through, and I found these.

I think the fuel pump still works, but I'll have to test it.  Two of the flasher units look OK, and I bet all three work.  If not, they're cheap.  The one in the middle is original.

The switches... well, two of them look good and two don't look so good.  Unfortunately, one of the not-so-good ones is the headlight switch (second from the right).  It's a two-throw switch; one way for the running lights, the other to also illuminate the headlights.  The switch probably works but it looks like it got a bit overheated.  They're not too expensive, so I'll probably replace it.  

The other not-so-good switch is a spare that I think I used for fog lights.  There's a hole in the dash for a switch, so maybe I'll do that again.

I also cleaned up the starter solenoid.  It's ready for another 50 years of service.

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