Monday, September 26, 2016

Random Acts of Uncrating

I decided I wanted to empty the crate I was working my way through.  I found some interesting random things, like the accelerator linkage and the number plate holders, and a couple others.

First up: the license plate holders (you know, number plates for you Brits out there).  Why would I care so much?  Because they were really trashed and twisted up, and I fixed 'em up pretty nice.  So I'm keeping them even though they don't look perfect.

Next: the accelerator linkage.  This is the part that connects the pedal to the carburettors (two Ts, because that's how it is in the manual, and there's two carbs.)  The pedal, too.  Another piece that hadn't been cleaned in forever, though the pedal was not that old when I took it out.

The cat statue?  That's Sam-baby, our little joke.  We move him around to scare each other, but it's mostly funny.

I also found the window mechanisms, which will be my next minigame.  They are rather disgusting.  But they work...

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