Monday, September 5, 2016

Front End III

Since I'm feeling lazy about cleaning up the other axle, I decided to assemble the one that's now all nice and clean.

One thing I needed was a replacement thrust washer.  The are made of unobtanium unless you buy the entire suspension kit from Moss or VB.  I was sunk... until I remembered I had a couple of parts boxes in the attic, and I remembered seeing something like a kingpin in one of them.


In this box are two thrust washers, O rings, a pivot pin, and a kingpin.  I need all of those things!  The driver's side king pin didn't fit right last time I assembled everything, so I ground one down (horror!) and "made it fit".  I want things to fit properly, so I want it right, meaning I need a replacement kingpin.  And I have one!  I don't need it yet, though... but I do need that thrust washer.

So I started assembling...


Everything's just finger tight, meaning I haven't really assembled it completely (aside from the steering arm and brake disc, which I did install).

The result:


I still need parts to get everything assembled properly; shims and a locking pin for the kingpin, and I forgot to install an O ring so the kingpin comes back out.  But what a difference, huh?

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