Saturday, September 17, 2016

Houston, We Have Ignition

Well, someday... I opened the next crate and found most of the ignition system inside, so I figured, why not?

There's not much to it.  An ignition switch, a fuse box, a voltage regulator, a coil, and a distributor.  In my case, it's also an electronic ignition by Crane Cams (man, does it work better than points!).  All that's missing are the wiring, generator and spark plugs, which I've already cleaned up.

I also found the starter solenoid (the thing at the top with the red button).  It's neat--you can spin the starter by pushing the button, for things like setting timing and valve lash.  I have new cables for it that I bought with the wiring harness.

I cleaned up some of it...


I can't wait to turn that key again.

I'm pretty sure the voltage regulator (the big box in the middle) is OK, but I'll have to adjust it once I get the car up and running.  The fuse box is fine.  Those are the original covers on those boxes.  It's a funny story... I had lost the cover ages ago and bought a replacement.  When I took the car apart, I found the original inside the passenger's side fender.  And a screwdriver.

I have to work on the distributor.  It's pretty OK, but it might not be usable.  The lip where the clamp that holds the distributor to the engine, well, clamps, is broken.  Fortunately, I have another distributor.  (I actually have two, but only one 25D like this one.)  I also need to make a new fitting where the lead from the Crane box plugs into the optical sensor that substitutes for points.  I made one out of epoxy long ago and I would like something neater.  I'm pretty sure the electronic ignition still works, so I'll just go with "yes, it does".

Stay tuned...

(That reminds me.  I found the radio!  I'll have to see if it still works, too.)

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